History of Port Jervis

Port Jervis is a city located in Orange County, New York, United States. The city is named after John Bloomfield Jervis, who was an American civil engineer and railroad executive.

In the early 19th century, Port Jervis was a small village known as "Pond Eddy". The village was situated at the junction of the Delaware and Neversink Rivers, and was an important center for the lumber industry. The area was also known for its rich iron deposits, which were mined and processed in nearby towns.

In 1826, the Delaware and Hudson Canal was completed, connecting the coal fields of northeastern Pennsylvania with the Hudson River at Kingston. The canal passed through Port Jervis, which became an important transshipment point for coal and other goods.

In 1848, the Erie Railroad completed a line through Port Jervis, connecting New York City with the Great Lakes. The city became an important hub for the transportation of goods and people, and the population grew rapidly. The railroad also brought tourism to the area, as people came to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Delaware River and the nearby Catskill Mountains.

During the Civil War, Port Jervis played an important role in the Union's war effort. The city was a major transportation hub for troops and supplies, and the Erie Railroad's locomotive shops produced engines and rolling stock for the Union army.

In the late 19th century, Port Jervis became a center for the silk industry. The city's location on the Delaware River provided access to water power, which was used to run the machinery in the silk mills. The industry brought new prosperity to the city, and many fine homes and public buildings were built during this period.

Today, Port Jervis is a small city with a population of around 8,500 people. It is still an important transportation hub, with the Norfolk Southern Railway passing through the city. The city is also known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and kayaking on the Delaware River.



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