15 Things to Consider When Looking For a Broker to Work For:

1. Commission split- It's important to remember that 100%, 95%, 60% of nothing is $0. When you are just starting out it is more important to create a steady stream of income and clients.  A newer agent should make a decision if they are better off joining a team, getting a mentor, or going at it alone. It can be challenging to learn the business without some clients and a strong (trainer)support system.

2. Internet presence- Does the brokerage have a strong internet presence? Google it. Will it create a steady stream of leads for you? Will you have the ability to build your own name within the Brand?

3. Fees- One word on this one- CAP- What is the dollar amount that (once you pay it off)...you receive 100% of your commissions.
4. Brokerage size- How much personal attention will you need to grow your business?
5. Facilities- Does the office have what you need to be successful?
6. Location- Is the office convenient for you to go to? Will the address location help you or does it potentially hurt you?
7. Training- Do you need one-on-one personal training, webinars, etc...How do you learn best?
8. Mentor program- Real-life, hands-on training is a great way to dive right into the deep end of the pool.
9. Management support- 
How much support will you need? Who will help you build your business plan and hold you accountable so that you meet your goals? Is the management staff up-to-speed or are they preaching a 1990 approach for your business?
10. Administrative support- Is there enough staff? Are they trained in the areas that you need help?
11. Culture- Is it the right fit for you? Is there a positive energy? What kind of events do they hold? What charities do they support? Do you have common interests with the broker, staff, and agents?
12. Specialties- What can you specialize in and is there proper training and support in this specific area? (i.e. Commercial, Luxury, Horse-Farms, Waterfront Properties, etc...)
13. Broker's reputation- Here's where I would rely on input from fellow agents. Unfortunately, many brokers have a great sales pitch, but don't make good on their promises.  Ask other agents.. what it is like to work there? Are you happy with your decision to work at a particular brokerage?
14. Referrals and leads- How do you lead generate at this particular brokerage, and what if anything will is cost?
15. Joining a team- Maybe you prefer to learn the different sides of the business one step at a time.  For example...starting as a buyer's agent, and ISA, or a licensed assistant.

Working as a real estate professional can be a very fulfilling, rewarding, as well as a lucrative career.  It's important to get off to a good start and to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

Marty is an outstanding realtor

If you need an amazing realtor, you have found one! Marty Remo Helped my husband and I sell our home         Marty is an outstanding realtor to partner with. His knowledge of the market and how to best market your property is second to none. Marty explained the entire process to us and held our hands  throughout the process. We trusted his judgement and advice and our property went into contract quickly. Marty is very responsive to emails, calls, and texts so I never felt ignored or uninformed about anything. He is high energy and will make sure that everything runs smoothly. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Marty!

Almost 25 Years Later!

Great guy. Great team. Used them repeatedly!  -The Eckmans

'It's not every day that I have the privilege of working with friends/clients again. I actually sold them their home in Washingtonville 24 years and 9 months ago. I sold this home again, as well as, a beautiful townhouse...as they begin the next chapter of their lives that will include no yard work!  Best of luck!' Marty

Put your home in Marty's hands

Finding the The Remo Team was just what I needed to make selling my home as painless as possible. Working with Marty was truly a pleasure. He always went the extra mile.. Literally! Selling my second home, which was over 60 miles from where I currently reside, came with many challenges.. All of  which Marty was fully equipped and ready to handle. His presentation of the home was stunning, right down to the professional walk through video, which I now hold as a sentimental keepsake. I would highly recommend working with the The Remo Team for all of your real estate needs. Put your home in Marty's hands and leave your worries behind!

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