The 3 Reasons You May Choose A
Less Experienced Or Less Successful Agent Vs. Marty Remo

As professionals in the real estate field, we’ve found that there are really only 3 reasons you may choose to go with another real estate agent to help you with the biggest financial move of your life.

Reason #1 you may choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

“Our house will sell quickly regardless of the agent we choose.”

To be clear, it may be true that your home will sell quickly. You may be able to sell it with any agent or even handling it yourself. As long as that agent knows how to handle appraisal issues, contingencies, inspections, and legal disclosures, that may be a possibility for your home. But there’s a very good chance that your net value will be compromised without the resources we have available to increase exposure on your home. Your home can be sold for more money by increasing its exposure using our Buyers In Waiting Program, the Round Robin Marketing Approach, more than 10 exclusive websites, our Secret List of Unlisted Homes notification, online and offline marketing and much more.

There is a big difference between selling your home and having a miserable experience and actually selling it the right way with highly desirable results. You want your home sold fast and for absolute top dollar. You may reduce the chances of that happening if you hire a commodity real estate agent.


Reason #2 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

 “We think that all real estate agents are basically the same and that they do the same things”

If you believe this to be true after reading the enclosed Agent Selection Guide, frankly we are surprised! The agent you select is absolutely the most critical part of your entire home selling process. You may not realize that the brokerage you list your home with will have NO bearing on your results good or bad. A real estate brokerage simply holds each independent contractor's real estate license and the agent is responsible for their own business, marketing, and promotions of your property. But be cautioned in advance that if you interviewed 10 agents (even if they are with the same office) you’ll see that they have 10 completely different approaches to selling your home. Some of these agents will invest thousands of dollars in marketing while others haven’t invested one dollar in over 6 months.

To say that all agents are the same is like saying that all doctors and hospitals are the same. There are certain doctors with much higher success rates on heart operations than others. There are doctors that attract highly affluent, knowledgeable patients that each travel great distances to secure the best possible results they can achieve. They will fly past thousands of doctors that are struggling to make a living in their own town just to get to the best of the best.

If you consider yourself the type of person that prefers “the best” in life, you already know that there is a big difference in the quality of results you get from a better car, a better doctor, a better home, a better service provider and more. Simply put, there is a reason that Marty Remo successfully sells over 50 homes per year while the average agent sells less than 5.


Reason #3 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

 “Why shouldn’t we just list our home with the agent that promises us the highest list price?”

Anyone can promise anything to convince you into signing a contract. You should be looking at the agent’s actual track record for selling properties at these so-called higher prices. You’ll find that someone making false promises never has any empirical data to back it up. If someone can simply promise you “one million dollars” and you think it’s wise to price your home at that, go ahead. Recent stats prove that overpricing a home by as little as $5,000 can reduce your final selling price by as much as $30,000 when it finally sells several months down the road. To stigmatize your own property based on false promises is just plain silly. Over the past several years, 9 of every 10 homes we’ve sold have sold between 98.2% and 106.3% of the asking price. This is due to the fact that we can drastically increase demand, thus driving up the price. That’s much better than listing with a commodity Realtor as this area’s average results will get you only about 94% of your asking price.

The only good reason you might
choose a less experienced or less successful agent than Marty Remo…

Based on all of the facts you’ve seen within this information guide, you obviously know that choosing the correct agent to sell your property is an absolutely critical decision that may affect your bottom line to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Frankly speaking, many homes don’t sell AT ALL after being listed for months and months, sometimes even years. You’ve seen them in your neighborhood. Don’t be that homeowner because it’s embarrassing!

In reality, you may not qualify to be a Marty Remo client. There’s a chance that we wouldn’t accept your home for sale. If we do not believe we can successfully sell your home within your desired time frame and at your desired price, we’d rather turn you down now than to let you down later. And from our recent verifications, we are the only team that would be honest with you and let you know that in advance. If we can’t meet your needs, we won’t accept the listing.

We also only accept a certain number of listings on any given month so there may be a time when we can’t immediately list your home and you’ll have to be put on our waiting list or choose a different agent that isn’t as successful at selling homes.

And finally, you’ll have to embrace our Market Domination Approach with the exposure of your home. If your home is listed with us, it receives more local and national exposure than you can get from virtually ANY other options. If you aren’t comfortable with such aggressive marketing, you’ll choose a different agent with a more passive approach.

Your First Step Is To Do Some Research

Armed with the information you now have on making such a critical decision for your family’s future, it’s best to make a quick phone call to Marty Remo’s office to schedule a no-obligation meeting just to explore your options. Please understand that by us agreeing to meet with you, it does not obligate us (or you) to enter into a listing agreement on the property as we’d need to first make sure that we are in a true win/win opportunity for everyone to reach their successful outcome.

If you are truly ready to get the research started as you begin inching forward in this process, it’s wise to set up an exploration meeting right now, free of charge and with no obligation on either side.

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